My Money,My Slave


Until we begin to see money as an agent or slave, the way we deal with it will never change. Every money in our pocket is like a pregnant slave that we can accommodate to give birth to more slaves. It is not the amount you have in your pocket that matters, its how u can send what you have on an errand that counts. Think beyond the present, the little you think you have in your pocket is like a drop which if sent on errand can become a stream for you. Purpose is an important virtue that must be attached to money but never emotion to it. Without emotional intelligence, you can never be rich. Many spend or buy based on impulse and give more attention to their wants than their needs. No man ever become great or wealthy by satisfying all his desires. For a lasting financial base, there must be a self control; a limit to how much one can spend in a week, month, or year. Without speed limit on highways, accident will be on the increase likewise without financial control man tend to want; trending on the path to penury.


How To Deal With Financial Limitations

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The fact that you have some financial limitations doesn’t make you a loser or mean you’re inferior to anyone. The fact that you can’t meet up to their standard yet, or afford what they could, doesn’t change who you are, only time and chance would determine. Never work fast than your legs could carry you. Learn to Work in your own pace. Stop coveting the lifestyles of your peers you see on the media, that should never be your standard.
The moment a man can’t take his eyes off luxury and cravings that’s the beginning of destroying finances which in turn makes one go extra mile just to get what you haven’t got the capacity for and so a lot of youths run into debt at a tender age! Know your worth, know your purse. Holiness with contentment is a great gain.
Understand your most important needs and earmark that from the frivolities don’t make a choice just because of others impression ( what they will say or your status) or just because they are convincing you to do so. Follow your plans to detail. Hence, you can be able to give attention to your
If there is life and you are diligent and disciplined, whatever needs you have will be met!!!
Don’t live above your financial capacity. We must learn to watch our appetite for things and never forget Prosperity is like a staircase, climb yours according to your strength and eliminate whatsoever can destroy your finances. The decision can only be deliberate. Act Now!!!

Will be glad seeing you flourishing and also love to hear from you. You have been blessed… share to your loved ones

Race Of Time

Shortness of life is real
The world we live in is full of ups and down, hustling and bustling, tears and joy, pleasant memories, fun and excitements. As each of those phases rolls by, We can’t continue to live as if we are going to be here forever.
With the passage of each day is the nearness to our grave
Nothing is worthwhile like making each seconds count,because our live is calibrated with time and the smallest fraction of time is seconds which implies that  any wasted seconds amount to wasted part of our life .images

We live in the part of the world that gives no premium to time ,we are so use to the word African time, which is a gateway to procrastination. We tend not to attach urgency to goals,no wonder most lofty ideas and goals we once had never materialized because we never attached urgency or timeline to them. Delay brings about detest

Never put what you have to do  today till tomorrow  because you don’t have all the time in the world.
Place value on the use of your time ,spend less time on things that do not  help in fulfilling  your purpose .
Your time worth more than your money because its your life.

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Let each moment of yours count!

Wisdom For More!

Most of the time we neglect that which we have,chasing that which we
don’t have. Appreciate the happenings in other people lives more than
ours. Magnifying or appreciating the happenings in other people’s
lives more than ours distort our self perception.
Some few years ago a great man while travelling out of his country
called three of his servants he entrusted them with some of his
dealings according to their abilities.
To one he gave five thousand dollars, to another two thousand,
to a third one thousand, depending on their abilities.
Then he left. Right off, the first servant went to work and doubled
his master’s investment. The second did the same, but the man with the
single thousand dug a hole and carefully buried his master’s money.
He was like why me ? just one thousand dollar ,while others are having
more. i cant trade with this.
Just like that servant we also are magnifying the happenings in other
people’s live than ours.
Taye got a Job with a telecommunication company. Her start-up pay was
#250k ,Segun got a federal job his take home is #220k how can i take
up this job of 50K.
I will rather continue to apply till i get my own 6 figure
salary.Forgetting the fact that with time man productivity either
increase or decreases.
The third servant failed to work with what he had ,he neglected the
fact that the resources available to him was based on his abilities
which he could work with and bring great yield.
The second servant understood the principle of value and growth.
Despite the fact that he had two thousand ,he was not busy thinking
about the one with five thousands dollars ,he value is own portion and
walked with it.
Friends, It’s very important for us to value where we are ,inject life
to it and see to it that we grow.
That your start-up is not like them doesn’t mean you can’t grow beyond them.olajum1
Taking a bold step of starting is the main thing.
The servant with the two thousand showed how he also had doubled his
master’s investment. His master commended him: ‘Good work! You did
your job well. From now on be my partner.
You wont qualify for more if you don’t start-up with what or where you are.
To wait for the big break is to waste around.
The second servant moved from servant to partner what a great change of status.
Stop wishing you have the live of others start living your own life.
That which you have is enough to get you there.
Appreciate it ,Work with it and grow. Never too late! It can still be
a December to Remember…

Pathway To More!

As every man labor day and night seeking ends meet and to live a comfortable life on earth, accompanied with these are hurdles which must be scaled through to gratify success and fulfillment. In life pursuit and daily activities, there is a stream flow of coin either small  or large. This coin is the gold you have got which can work for you. As precious as gold is, if it’s not refined, it’s still remain as its extracted from the ground. So is your stream of income that flows in.   savings-investments

Utilizing the source of wealth you have acquired over time is a great step to financial prosperity. No matter how little it is, you can trade with whatsoever you have got through investment. Your wealth is not in the coin you carry in your purse but in the income you build from the golden stream that continually flow in your purse.

Controlling thy expenditure is a great step that can sustain your investment. The desire of every man is so numerous! As we wake up each day, comes different aspirations and wishes. We desire the best of the cars, houses, jobs, estate, landed property, clothing’s and all. Gratifying every desire is a probability which might not come to reality but putting a limit to the expense will help in sustaining your coin. Study thoughtfully your accustomed habits of living, you may find certain accepted expenses which may be reduced or eliminated. Budget your expense, through this you will be able to cater for the necessities, do away with those that are not necessary and still have some coin in your purse.


Cherish that gold you have got, let it work for you, soon you see your purse fattening up!

Work:The Pathway to Relevance

’’Purpose is nothing if you don’t work towards making it come true’’

Without doubt, quite an average man is loaded with great dreams and ambitions nursed in the corners of his heart. Best of the things are desired and long for every moment it flashes the memory. As good and big this dreams are, most of them is never actualized due to the fact that we sit back and fold our arms expecting a miracle to happen. No matter the lofty ideas we have, without work they won’t come into actualization, work is not as a result of curse but a vehicle of unleashing our potentials.
It requires work which is a conscious effort for things to work out well. Friends, the love for work is the secret to personal development, progress and productivity because work  serves as the platform for unleashing potentials ,it’s a means to put our mind and all the treasures embedded in us to use,
To detest work is to waste away, a lot of people are wasting away by their attitudes of hiding from work.
Good work qualifies you for better work ,the more we work the better we become and this enhances our value. our values and worth are embedded in our work. Without work you have no worth hence, work forms your identity.
Our attitude to work should not be with half or little commitment just in order to get by and buy things that will eventually rust or rot away, as this will not result to full maximization of our potential, and won’t help in solving problems confronting the world today. To get the best from work is to invest our all into it. Diligence to work is an important virtue that qualifies us to the next stage of our life.
Diligence means sharpening your skills and conducting your work in a manner that you won’t regret later. When you adopt the mind-set of urgent diligence, you’ll pour all of who you are into your days, and subsequently you’ll find that the unique value you bring to the world comes more clearly into focus.

Avoid comfort—it is dangerous


If Gold were easy to come by, streets would had being littered with gold perhaps the road to slum would had being paved with gold, likewise if making impact or maximizing one’s potentials was easy ,it would had being a common thing amidst all. This is not easy to come by because there are many forces that leads to stagnancy and mediocrity.
One of the forces keeping us down from achieving or unleashing our full potential is the sense of safety and stability that’s been derived from the vulnerable spot called comfort zone.
Early achievement has been the bane for maximum achievement or full unleashing of some people’s potentials as they have the “I have arrived mentality” which makes them relax and slow down the momentum that has earn them the success in which they are relying on.
It’s easy to fall in love with comfortable live, but the love of comfort is often the enemy of greatness. There’s nothing wrong with experiencing comfort as a by-product of your labor, but it can never be made your chief goal. Greatness emerges when you challenge yourself to do the needful even in the state of your comfort zone.
Don’t be carried away by the accolades, titles and the rest that seems pleasant. There is more to you than what you have acquired or achieved. Never jump into conclusion that you have reached your elasticity limit when you are just in the starting or mid phase of your life. You have got the ability and potentials to soar high.
Let me end with the words of Seith Godin ;“Everyone has a comfort zone worth considering:How hard (and how often)are you willing to get out of it?” see beyond your present state, you can do more than you have done!